Amazon & Ebay custom programs

Multi-MarketPlace Lister

Our propiertary designed software will get all your items that you have in inventory and automatically grab all the detialed information ,descriptions ,images ,weight dimension and many more fields . Once we have all that information in our database you can now list all your easly on to ebay and sears marketplaces without having to enter each item manually.
The price and quantity also gets calulated based on the price on with our unique add on calualation .
Once you list on Ebay ,you can right away click on the item and see it live.


Order Importer

Our software imports amazon ebay and sears orders into the database of your choice,the ebay orders are checked if they are Paypal adress verified .User can then choose to ship with the Carrier of there choice and it automatically sends the orders to that carrier.Once orders get printed out you can easly update amazon ebay and sears with the correct tracking number .


Amazon lister

You can control your invenotry price and shipping directly from this program .You can also put in your amazon lowest price and amazon high price so the software can easly reprice your items on amazon based on compettion.

Cost analysis

Shows a report with a breakdown per order how much was the cost and profit.

Competition analysis

Se what your competition is selling and what are the best selllers on right now based on category .

We needed a professional website on time for Sukkoth and Justco software took on the challenge ,and created a nice professional website on time exceeding all our expectations. Above all we'd like to thank you for your courteous support and timely response.
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